1 Luglio 2016


We produce a wide range of articles in calf, baby calf, lamb nappa and goat, with grain, suede and hair-on babycalf, in both classic and contemporary fashion styles. Our products are designed for the high-end leather goods, footwear and garments industries.
The world’s top luxury brands have chosen us for our quality, style, innovation and service. In 2008, we acquired and revitalised ABIP, the historic Brescia-based brand and absolute leader in the production of, hair-on baby calf, marketed under the name PONY®.
The first step towards creating a Europe-wide tanning holding came in 2011 with the acquisition of a significant stake in ADOBINVE SL, a prominent Spanish company specialised in the initial phase of lambskin processing. We have 140 direct employees and, indirectly, we create jobs for another 240 people in Campania, Veneto and Lombardia.


Giovanni Russo


Giampiero Russo

CEO Production Area

Giuliano Russo

CEO Commercial Area

Salvatore Marone

CEO Administrative Area

Adelaide Carratore

Chief Raw Materials Officer

Marco Monaco

Chief Production Officer

Rossella De Luca

Chief Human Resources Officer

Paolo Corbo


Vito Riccio

IT Office

Mauro Di Caterina

Italy Sales

Anna Patti

Abroad Sales

Stefania Mauro

Coordination of Abroad Sales

Pasquale Belardo

Production Planning



The industrial system and its productive and economic development cannot be viewed separately from that of the territory and its inhabitants.

We are convinced of this and we thus pay the closest attention to the environmental and socio-cultural needs of our area, promoting and sponsoring research projects and debates with many institutions, and funding socially useful projects.